Monday, September 14, 2009

Saving money at NPS and Carl's stores...

OK, saving money shopping is a big goal these days, given the poor economy. With many people out of work, others with salaries frozen or cut back, it makes sense to look for value in supermarkets.
It also makes you feel good when you get a good deal.
Sams Club and Costco are good options for saving money.
Also, there are two salvage stores in northern Utah that are worth a visit.
The first is NPS, 1600 S. Empire Road, Salt Lake City.
If you know prices and check expiration dates, you can find some great deals here.
The four downsides to NPS are: 1. The store can be hard to find for the first time; 2. The store is nothing fancy, if you care about that, as it looks like a warehouse; 3. You have to look hard and spend the extra time to fine values; and 4. You may wait in line here for an extra few minutes and you have to bag your own groceries.
The easiest way to find the store is go west of California Avenue, pass Redwood Road, cross the traintracks and then turn left (south). The store is 1 ½ blocks from there.
OR, take the California Ave, exit off I-215 and go east. Turn right on the street at the far edge of the gasoline station you pass and then go 1 ½ blocks to the store.
NPS is open weekdays 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
So, you find the store OK. Go inside, get a cart and have 30 minutes or even and hour to walk about and look for values. The non-grocery is in the east end of the store and the food in the west half.
The store doesn't have the same items all the time.
It looks to have slightly damaged or overstock items.
There are some great values on frozen foods, peanut butter, bread and candy and more to be found here.
Not everything sold here is a great price, but a considerable amount it.
I've also had a problem asking questions on the store floor, as most workers in the frozen foods area at least, seem to only know broken English.
In later visits, the store seems to have less of what I want and their prices are rising faster than those at regular grocery stores.
Call (801) 972-4133 to reach the store.
MOVING ON TO OGDEN, Carl's Supersaver is another option, at 3135 Harrison Blvd., just northwest of Mount Ogden Middle School.
Nothing fancy here. But soft drinks and salty snacks (potato chips, Cheetos) can't be beat in their low prices. Bread is also inexpensive there. There are also some values in candy and other items to be found.
UPATE on CARL'S — I didn't have a good experience at Carl's on Oct. 31. I noticed a lot more than usual prices that were as much or more than at Wal-Mart. Why would you pay the same here for an expired or about to expire item, vs. a fresher item at Wal-Mart?
Also, I picked up two one-pound chocolate chip cookie packages marked 99 cents. However, at the register, they said the price on these should be $1.99 and that they are mis-marked. I didn't get them as they were going to make me pay the $1.99!
In later visits, I've found less and less there. While regular grocery store prices aren't rising much, Carl's prices are!
NOTE: The above is all my opinion and I have not been paid or in any other way compensated to endorse NPS or Carl's Supersaver.
Carl's also had a smaller store on the east side of Wall Ave., about 20th Street, but it was closed by early 2010.

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