Monday, September 14, 2009

Tips on saving money around the house ...

Getting energy efficient light bulbs installed is perhaps the most obvious way to save money at your home.
However, remember that this bulbs won't work with dimmer switches, but there are even energy saving bulbs to replace your existing outdoor spotlights too!
Here are some other money savings tips:
1. Make sure when you get your roof re-shingled that you consider a lighter color of shingle.
My experience is the darker the shingle, the hotter it gets and eventually under Utah's hot summer sun, darner shingles will deteriorate faster! Also, I believe a home inside will be slightly cooler with lighter-colored shingles on top (that's just based on my observation after getting lighter colored shingles.)
2. Get an attic vent, or series of vents installed, when you get that new roof job -- unless you already have some. Getting that hot air vented outside will make your whole home cooler.
3. Don't flat-out get rid of that swamp cooler completely, if you upgrade to central air conditioning. I have both and save a bundle by so doing. When its spring, late summer or fall (and not humid), I run the swamp cooler and that works fine. That saves me a bundle of money. When it is humid or extra hot, I go to central air. You can't mix the two, but on separate days they are compatible. I'm certain I have $800 a year or more by having both a swamp cooler option and central air.
4. Seal the cement cracks in your driveway with a cement cracl sealant. It will lengthen the life of your cement/ Replacement cement driveways cost thousands, while a sealant tube costs $3 each.
5. Keep a booklet that outlines where, when and how much you spent on big purchases for your home. That year-by-year record will help you plan for replacements and you will know how long items last.
6. Pay cash for all gasoline purchases. I use cash to buy my gas and make my cash last. Not only am I more aware of how much I spend on gasoline, but I sometimes decrease my spending for candy, fun or eating out to make my cash last through my two-week budget period. Use debit or credit for gasoline and it is too easy to never cutback, if you drive a lot at times. Works for me.
7. Refill ink cartridges for your computer printer, if you can. Saves a lot more than buying all new.
8. Keep your freezer or freezer compartment in your fridge full or nearly so. Add almost full of water milk jugs to fill any big spaces. This will save money on electricity. Also, do not keep freezers in garages, or next to heat sources.

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