Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Do you attend a church? Why not?

If you believe in God, I feel that attending a church regularly should be part of a person's life.
Attend a church and you will be a better person than not doing so.
Men in particular tend to not attend church for several reasons:
1. They work 5 or 6 days a week and feel Sunday is their day off, whether to watch sports, hunt, fish, hike or whatever.
That's a selfish attitude because attending a church will make you a better father, friend, etc.
You have 6 days a week to fit your work and play in and one day for God.
In this age of numerous ways to electronically record sporting events, there's no way you really miss watching a game by being at church.
2. Men feel uncomfortable in church,probably because it prompts them to make consider making changes and improvements in their life. Church is a great self-respective place. It may be easier not to go to church and avoid those promptings, but you won't be as good of person as you could be.
Some men may feel a minister or church leader offended them and so they quit going to church because of that. But, not really. That's just their excuse to find an out.
3. Some men claim they worship God better in the outdoors than at a church meeting. I say let's get things in perspective.
Being in the outdoors is to worship what God created, NOT to worship him.
Church services are God's established and at least the Christian way to worship him. You can't change what God has set up.
So, give church a sincere try, if you are not going to one already.
I also feel that God blesses you when you include him in your life. Attending church is the best way, an essential way to do that.
By including God I believe he will bless you and that means instead of being left in your own strength and wisdom in this life, he will add some of his strength and wisdom to your life.
You may succeed without God by your measurements, but having God's help is more fulfilling and means your ambitions will be less selfish.

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