Sunday, October 4, 2009

The hobby and money-saving value of thrift stores ..

A great, satisfying and money-saving hobby is to visit a local thrift store often.
Where I live in Utah, there are the Deseret Industries ("DI") Thrift stores. Well organized and with constantly changing merchandise, I call it the "surprise store," as you never know what is going to be there.
I don't always purchase something when I go there, just being entertained at times by what I see, from real collectibles to junk and in between.
There are certainly bargains to be found, especially in books and "one man's junk is another man's treasure" is an apt comparision here too.
I've seen everything from full-size workable basketball scoreboards for sale; to all kinds of Star Wars and Star Trek stuff, to all sorts of odds and ends.
Not everything here for sale is used either. There are, at times, brand new things — clothing, etc.
It's an adventure going there, spending as little or as long as you want to.
The newest DIs look like modern thrift stores.
Other thrift stores, like Savers, don't have near as much inventory as a DI does and there is no sales tax charged at the DI, vs. there is at Savers.
I always wished I had one big room in my house where I could store old things that have been superceeded in technology — old TVs, radios, telephones, computers , vacuums, etc. Kind of a go-back-in-time-room. The DI is my closest alternative to that.

(Photograph is of the new Deseret Industries in Harrisvile, Ut., on the far north end of Wall Ave., which replaced the former DI in Ogden.)
NOTE: The above is all my opinion and I have not been paid or in any other way compensated to endorse the Deseret Industries.

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