Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Do you really need your teeth deadened?

My dentist thinks I'm extra tough, because I rarely have my mouth deadened before dental work.
(I'm only one of 2 among his hundreds of patients who do without a deadened mouth most of the time….)
For me, it is more about taking that little bit of pain as it comes, instead of leaving and have that several hour discomfort as my mouth "unfreezes."
I believe it is more painful in most cases to have your mouth deadened -- when you factor in your mouth unfreezing -- than simply tolerating those twinges of pain here and there.
When I leave the dentist's office, I prefer leaving knowing my discomfort is over.
Now if I need a route canal or some major dental work, yes, I do need to have my mouth deadened. Otherwise, it will be more painful and the dentist will work slower, thinking you need breaks from the pain.
However, I think if more people would try not having their mouth deadened for a little cavity re-do work especially, they would discover that I'm right -- my system includes LESS overall discomfort.
More people should at least try laughing gas only first, to test the waters with the less mouth deadening system.
Superficial dental work is simply not that painful!
Now if only I could get a price break for not having the deadening work done ….

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