Friday, January 29, 2010

Troubling trend in the sci-fi world ...

A troubling trend lately is the infiltration of pornography and nudity into the science fiction realm.
More and more, movies that don't even need such risque stuff, are adopting it, even keying on it.
A year of two ago, reading the Sci-fi channel Web site was a clean, PG rated experience.
Now, the site is so full of sexual images and references, that I probably need to stop going there.
I'm a sci-fi fan and so that will be tough ...
The Sci-fi channel itself isn't to blame alone, it is the entire industry and its thrust into previously adult only material.
Standards are lowering. Sex isn't just gratuitous baggage in sci-fi stories anymore, it is becoming THE story and focus itself.
Even network TV and comic books' sci-fi material are entering the realm of what I consider unsuitable material for families.
The "Smallville" WB network show has had the unmarried Clark Kent and Lois Lane sleeping together and other such risque stuff, that's not needed at all to enhance an already rich story.
A new "Power Girl" 2-part DC Comic book, centered totally around possible sex with the super-hero of another planet, Vartox.
Where will it end?
I just want great sci-fi material on its own. I don't need an order of sex or nudity with it.
Am I being a prud? Maybe, but I'm sure I'm not alone in concern about this.
Let soap operas keep their risque material. Sci-fi doesn't really need it!

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  1. Soap Operas are Risque? Don't they get into bed and cut to commercial anymore? lol