Friday, October 22, 2010

On-line theft is up

You hope no one ever steals your credit card or debit card information, but it has now happened twice in my family in the past six months.
Both instances happened to America First Credit Union accounts.
My older sister had a lot of unauthorized credit charges on her account about six months age. Hers was with her credit card and so she got stuck with none of the claims.
Now, in October 2010, my older son had his debit card information used for a $500 charge on airline tickets to Nepal. Since his is a debit card, his liability is unclear at this point.
Obvious question is how did the card information get stolen?
It's unknown, but there are lots of ways, from a restaurant worker secret writing down the credit card numbers when they gave him or her the card, to any store employee doing the same.
Then, on-line, who knows who could steal credit/debit card details.
Bottom line is to check your account for strange activity every few days.
America First is vigilant and called both my sister and son to query some odd recent charges on their accounts, before they even noticed anything.
But the rate of stolen information appears to be on a sharp rise.

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