Monday, May 30, 2011

Internet Car Buying Scams

I try to sell a car on a free Internet site.
I receive what appears to be a legitimate query from somewhere out of state.
This potential buyer seems most concerned about the condition of the car's interior. Fair enough.
They also seem to have no problem with the asking price. Great
They also want to ship the car to them, somewhere in New Jersey. OK, it is a classic 1977 car.
So, I receive an e-mail saying the purchase money, shipping funds and $200 extra for taxes have been sent to my PayPal account. An e-mail from "PayPal" states the same.
HOWEVER, PayPal is HOLDING that money until I pre-pay -- through Western Union -- the shipping price too.
Wait a minute! That isn't right.
So, a closer look reveals this is a SCAM!
All the e-mail addresses are not really PayPal, even though they appear so on my e-mail directory.
Yes, the PalPal logo and a link to their site is there.
This is simply a scam of someone wanting me to wire them $640 in a way that can't be traced. They don't want the car. They want free money.
So, always check through e-mail addresses.

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