Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Collar-less Dog Trend

My on-going encounters with loose dogs continues ...
Out for a walk on Feb. 1, 2012, me and my dog run into a loose pit bull. Fortunately he was friendly (but I had my metal pole and pepper spray out just in case).
Anyway, the dog followed us and 100 yards later, a member of dog's family drove by. The man had to grab and carry the 60-pound dog home, as it had no collar.
No collar? What the hey?
How can any owner of a large dog not keep a collar on their dog?
I just don't understand. Microchip notwithstanding, all dogs need a collar. It helps with I.D. and is an extra safety component for the canine.
I also spotted someone last week walking their dog in my neighborhood without a leash. Again, that's unsafe and not smart. Even a well-trained dog may bolt away at another animal or dog.

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