Monday, March 18, 2013

Don't Be So Hasty To Believe Everything On Facebook

There's a new damaging trend I see on Facebook now.
People are re-posting newsy things and just assuming they are true.
Example: One of my friends re-posts a calendar tidbit someone else on Facebook posted, or "invented."
This was the March 2013 calendar and included comments that this particular calendar WON'T reappear in your lifetime.
What a bunch of baloney!
The exact same configuration of a March 2013 calendar last happened in 2002. It will re-appear in 2019 and 6-10 years later too.
Some people are now fabricating such untrue stuff and too many people are re-posting and just assuming them to be true.
I suspect the people who fabricate such things get their jollies by seeing how many times such untrue stuff can be re-posted.
Don't be a victim of such untruth.
In the case of that calendar post, 60 seconds of research on Google to perpetual calendars would have shown others it is not true.

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