Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Be cautious of the big name motel/hotel reservation companies ...

I'M SURE you have seen the TV ads -- you know those vaunted motel/hotel reservation companies that brag they can save you a lot of money on trip/out of town lodging ...
Can they really save you money?

ONCE IN A WHILE is my answer.
Otherwise, it is a no brainer -- the way they afford all those TV ads and the way they really stay in business is to charge you more money at times -- it is simple economics really.

So, I plan a summer 2015 California vacation and I check what the motel/hotel itself will charge me (with taxes, the total cost) and then I do the same on one of the more popular big name reservation sites on-line.

Out of 4 motels, those reservation companies (I won't name names, but you know who I'm talking about) ONLY saved me money once and that was just for $9.99.
Another place would have cost me $11.00 more a night; another $33.95 a night; and the third an outrageous $102.22 more per night.

IN SUMMARY, if I would have used the reservation company for my trip, I would have spent $230.19 more for my trip's lodging.

YOUR results may vary. I'm just advising others to ALWAYS check the source, the motel/hotel too, to be certain it is a good deal before you book anything.

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