Saturday, August 22, 2015

Playing the Comcast price game ...

IF you care about saving money, you need to know how to play the Comcast price/promotion game.
So, listen to my story with Comcast, a likely typical "playbook":
My Comcast bill for Cable TV, Internet and landline telephone increased by almost $4 in July of 2015. Then, a month later, in August, it soared to $230.68. That's more than a 20 percent increase in just two months.
So, I have to call "billing" with Comcast and they explain my bill rose because my 1-year promotion had expired. They transfer me to another department that handles promotions.
It required about a 22-minute wait on hold on the phone to reach one of the Comcast customer care agents. So, do NOT hang up with a long wait -- just have something else to do while you are holding.
After a series of questions on my needs for cable TV, phone and the Internet, -- and about 12 minutes later, I'm offered a NEW 1-year promotion that drops my monthly bill to $189, about $1 more than I was paying in June of 2014, but more than $41 less than it would have been without my complaining and "playing the Comcast price game."
All it took was some calls, a complaint and about 34 minutes of my time.
Thus, every single year you will have to do this if you want to save money. Yes, I could probably afford the full Comcast rate, but I just feel price gouged when my Comcast bill exceeds ALL other of my utility bills combined.
-WHY does Comcast require such a game?
Likely many of their customers do not complain and just pay the higher rates. But, others, like me, have a reduced price option. And, Comcast certainly must make enough extra money on such promotions expiring to be able to hire extra staff to offer discounts like mine and to be able to fund them.
-Regarding Comcast, no one has better Internet speed and service.
Their Xfinity TV is over-rated, yet has some good points.
And, in my opinion it is not like there is another good option for similar service available through another company. They have a monopoly and I'm just glad they have lower price options if you care to spend the effort to pursue them.

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