Friday, October 28, 2016

More speed enforcement desperately needed on I-84 near the Utah-Idaho border

I think 80 mph is a plenty fast speed limit, given what can go wrong with tires, or with poor judgment at such high velocity.
However, I was flabbergasted on Oct. 23, 2016 while driving southbound on I-84 in the late afternoon around the Utah-Idaho border.
I went no faster than 85 mph -- even on downhills, but I was amazed to be passed by 90 percent of the other drivers in a 100-mile stretch -- AND they had to be doing 95 mph or more.
I NEVER saw one highway patrol vehicle on either the Idaho side or the Utah side.
Some drivers had to be going 100 mph and virtually all of them had Utah license plates.

In ALL my decades of driving in the West I've never witnessed so many speeding drivers -- and that includes I-15, between Las Vegas and California.
(I should note that it was the end of the annual UEA weekend, but even so ...)
There are going to be some serious accidents in this area, if some additional enforcement isn't added by both Utah and Idaho.
AND, this scenario doesn't even factor in that deer cross this freeway plenty at night ....

                                Southern Utah too has some 80 mph speed zones.

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