Friday, September 4, 2009

Car alarms — most worthless electronic device period!

What's the most worthless piece of electronics in the world?
(Photograph: Even novice thieves can break into a vehicle lock, WITHOUT setting off a standard car alarm!)

My vote is for the standard car alarm as the the most useless piece of electronics.
These things are totally worthless and foster a false sense of security that has no basis in fact.
Example: My van was broken into at downtown Seattle one afternoon in July of 2007 and my alarm did nothing. Amateur thieves (by the Seattle Police's own description), were easily able to not trip the alarm and use a screwdriver to break into the main driver's side door.
(I later found out that car burglary break-ins are the No. 1 crime in downtown Seattle. The City could improve things by requiring warning signs be posted at downtown parking lots, or even mandate security cameras, but they won't…..)
Anyway, think about it — how many times do you hear a car alarm go off in the night or the day, and it's a false alarm.
People are only bothered by these things. No one pays any attention to them, even when they do go off.
So, don't leave your vehicle believing it to be safer with your alarm, cause unless you have a super deluxe version alarm, forget it.

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