Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The lifespan of major appliances?

How long should large appliances in the home last?
I'm certain today's fridges and freezers in particular are much more energy efficient and fancy than in the past, but don't last near as long as the ones in the old days.
Example 1: I decide we ought to get rid of my grandma's old fridge from her old house. She'd been passed away for 32 years in 2009. (She died at age 94 too.)No one lives in her home, next to my parent's house.
The fridge is a 1940s style fridge, a lot like the one "Indiana Jones" used in his 2008 movie to shelter from an atomic blast. This fridge is heavy and built solid.
I realized then, that the Indiana Jones movie wasn't all fiction. Those fridges are like armor!
Anyway, I plug the fridge in and though loud, it works. Rocky Mountain Power paid my mother $40 to take it away and it was still plugged in and running for the 2 weeks before they picked it up.
2. I have a Westinghouse Freeze, model No. Fu211J.
It is now 23 1/2 years old, as of October 2009 and still runs fine. I'll confirm that it has seen a lot of hard use with 6 people in the family and being left open at times by kids ....
I have to defrost it 3-4 times a year now, instead of 2 times, like in earlier years, but most Internet sites claim the maximum lifespan of a freezer is 20 years.
This is not a chest freezer too, but an upright model.
I could replace the door seals, but that would cost almost $150 to buy the seals to do it myself. Seems way overpriced.
I was considering buying a new freezer, a frost-free model, but I'm certain it will not even last 18 years.
I'm sure it will pay for itself in 8 or so years from energy savings, but the new types have shorter lifespans, I'm certain of it.

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