Sunday, December 20, 2009

In-N-Out Burger: a "holy" experience?

OK, I finally made it to an In-N-Out Burger, the one in Draper, Ut. and was physically and spiritually fed....
It required a 13 minute wait in line; a 5 minute wait for a place to sit; and a total 18 minute wait for food.
Yet, it was worth it.
I've never seen a more simple menu, though now I hear if you know the company's language, you can ask for their burgers "animal style," or for other such variations.
My burger was of the great sit down restaurant quality. Grade "A"
My shake was a little hard to get flowing in my straw, but once it got going, it was perfect. Grade A-
My fries were not quite so good, but it is a great idea to let the customer put more salt on, if they choose to. Grade B+
I also found the almost "hidden" Biblical scripture references on some of the In-N-Out Burger's packaging fascinating.
Look for scripture verses listed on drink cups, fries and burger packaging.
Revelation 3:20 and Nahum 1:7 were listed on my food containers.
--Since palm tree accessories don't work in Utah for their locations, they could always add fry sauce to their menu, to cater to this unique market in Utah and I bet it would be an even greater hit!
The "Secret menu" that In-N-Out Burger has is also another fascinating subject.

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