Thursday, February 4, 2010

Common sense for bicycle safety and rules

On Feb. 4, I'm up walking along Foothill Drive on the sidewalk, south of Fort Douglas.
I hear a noise and a split second later, I see a bicycle whiz by me at 25 mph.
I was already dodging pockets of ice here and there and what if I would have jagged as that bike came by? Some bicyclists think they own the sidewalk.
This kind of thing happens to me a lot in downtown Salt Lake, as some bikes rule the sidewalk -- zipping along State Street sidewalks at high speed.
The State Legislature is reviewing some bicycle rules of the road, but I don't see the current ones being enforced, so why bother?
Every afternoon in downtown S.L., I see bicycles switch from the road to the sidewalk, which ever benefits them and some will use any means to get through an intersection without stopping -- they don't follow the rules cars follow at red lights. They will dart into a crosswalk to get through that red signal without stopping
These senseless bicyclists are giving the entire field a bad reputation.
I never see them ticketed.
This kind of behavior always gets worse in spring too.
Bikes should never be going fast on sidewalks, if on there at all.
Downtown Salt Lake needs a trend of citing bikers for such risky behavior.

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