Saturday, June 19, 2010

Why are Canada's prices so high?

I spent a week in Canada, Alberta and British Columbia last week.
I was as amazed at its outdoor beauty as I was at the high prices there.
99 percent of what I saw cost much more there than the U.S.
--Gasoline is the equivalent of about $3.40 a gallon.
--After spending $28 in the western Montana for dinner at the Dairy Queen restaurant, days later I'm shocked to realize the same stuff cost me $50 in Canmore.
--Milk was $4 a gallon vs. less than $2 a gallon in Utah.
--Canada prices were off the scale in Canada. Not only were many U.S. brands not to be found, but a Hersey bar of chocolate that costs $1-$1.25 in the U.S., was $7 there!
--My wife estimated that what we bought at a Canadian Safeway store one day there was almost double the cost of the same items in the U.S.
Why are Canadian food prices so high?
Obviously high gasoline prices would create higher transportation costs for everything, but other than that, I have no explanation.
I don't know how you could afford to live in Canada!
Ironically too, coming across the border back to the U.S., I was selected for a random agricultural inspection. However, I lost nothing as the officer said ALL the food items in my van (even though they were purchased in Canada) were products of the U.S.A.

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