Friday, December 3, 2010

31-year Newspaper Career Concludes

SALT LAKE CITY — Lynn Arave, retired from the Deseret News, a Salt Lake daily newspaper, on Dec. 31, 2010, after more than 31 years of service.
He retired during a company downsizing.
He has since written two books, "Walking Salt Lake City" and "Evergreen Tabletops." He has also helped care for his mother-in-law and mother, both of whom suffer from Alzheimer's.
He also writes for different publications now.
Highlights of his lengthy Deseret News career include:
-Lynn's "Radio Dial" column of 26 1/2 years, which dated back to 1984 and included more than 1,300 radio columns. (It was the Deseret News' longest-running column at the time.)
-His weekly "Theme Park Central" blog.
-His Weekly contributions to the "Get Outdoors" blog.
-A lot of his work in recent years at the Deseret News was behind the scenes (contests, news briefs, etc.)
He began at the newspaper back on Aug. 27, 1979. He worked in sports, features and the news department. He had reported on every LDS General Conference, except one, since 1993, through 2010.
Perhaps the most versatile of employees at the Deseret News, he also had photos published in USA Today and was always prompt, well organized and fair.
Over the years, he had also written for LDS Church News and Mormon Times too.
He had served as the comic strip editor, a zones edition editor and most recently the religion editor.
He turned many of his hobbies — hiking, mountains, geography, comic books and theme parks into regular writing sidelights.
He placed third in government reported in the 2008 Utah SPJ journalism contest. Some his stories had went out over the Associated Press wire.
He also managed to ride Utah Transit Authority during 99 percent of his newspaper career. Walking 10 blocks or so to a story interview didn't bother him.

1983: Jack Lalanne and Bill Toomey
1984: Susan Lucci.
1987: Christopher Reeve, Margo Kidder, Jack Larsen and Jon Cryer.
1998: Charles Osgood
2002: Elder Neal A. Maxwell on his cancer.
2004: Martin Luther King Jr.
2004: DC Comic's editor Mike Carlin, "The man who killed Superman."
2005: Tony Snow
2006: John Tesh
2007: Glenn Beck
2008: Jessica Simpson and Joan Lunden.
2010: Donny Osmond.

1979: First sports column, "winning isn't everything."
1982: Features on Malan's Basin and Ben Lomond Peak.
1984: Roy High, his alma mater, wins State Football title, the school's first state championship and he reports on the game for the newspaper.
1986: Hiking the Grand Canyon south rim.
1987: Hiking the Grand Canyon north rim.
1988: The real Sardine Canyon.
1991: Feature on Peter Sinks, coldest spot in Utah.
1992: Hiking the Zion Narrows/Angels Landing.
1993: Elder Marvin J. Ashton obituary/President Ezra Taft Benson funeral coverage.
1993: Reported on LDS General Conference for the first time.
1994: Did detailed feature story on Lagoon.
1999: Mount Whitney Hike.
2000: Hiking Kings Peak in a day.
2000: Hiking Mount St. Helen's.
2001: Brigham Young's 200th birthday.
2001: Utah geography quiz.
2002-2008: Work on President Gordon B. Hinckley Advance obituary section.
2003: Story on Utah's myths.
2004: Wrote about Six Flags Magic Mountain visit.
2004: Got paid to boat on Lake Powell/hike Navajo Mountain and Navajo Monument.
2004 and 2008: Walk sandbar to Fremont Island.
2006: My story on the Supai Native American village in the Grand Canyon led to the LDS Church re-establishing a branch and assigning missionaries there after a several decade absence.
2006: Feature on Beaver Dam Wash, lowest elevation in Utah.
2008: Feature on Ben Lomond Peak/Willard Peak.
2009: Bigfoot in Utah investigation.
2010: Advance obituary stories written on President Thomas S. Monson

1985-1986: Judging a radio station's "best legs" contest (twice).
1992: Took a bus ride to the Gunnison correctional facility with Prison inmates' wives/Girl friends.
1993: Reported on all-women conference on Deer Hunt weekend. (He was the only man in the Salt Palace meeting room, amidst hundreds of women.
2003: Covered Hispanic meeting in west Salt Lake and it was all in Spanish, but he didn't speak Spanish.

1981: His phrase in a sports story that a particular 800-meter runner "usually faltered in big competitions" motivated the young man to win the state title, according to his coach,
1984-2010: Had his name bounded around on various radio shows over time.
1990: Inspired "Walking Thunder" movie (1997) -- one of John Denver's last 2 movies — with his Old Eph Grizzly Bear story.
1991: A Kaysville Boy Scout Troop hiked Kings Peak after reading his 1990 story and one scout nearly died from altitude sickness on the summit and has to be rescued by helicopter.
1992: Did an Ensign Peak story — "Utah's Mount Sinai" — and put the historic mountain back in the public eye and the "Sinai" reference was used in a talk by a general authority.
1992: Inspired the naming of Thurston Peak, Davis County's highest, with a hike/story.
1993: Got the Utah State Highway map to raise the bar and start listing correct mountain peak elevations and earn another mention on the Jay Leno Show.
2003: Got drafted to write the official dictionary/encyclopedia listings for the Mormon Batallion.
2004 Inspired state tourist campaign slogan -- "Life Elevated."
2004: Finally got on DC Comics' free mailing list.
2005: Planned and led a family and friends group to Supai in the Grand Canyon. Also wrote a Deseret News story of the experience and about a year later, because of my story, the LDS Church began having missionaries in Supai, as well as holding church services there again, after an almost 30-year lapse.
2005: Recommended several Salt Lake DJs for radio jobs and they are hired.
2006: Inspired the Snowhorse Elementary School name in Kaysville with a series of stories.
2008: Got written into a DC Comics Superman/Legion of Super-Heroes story, because of a blog entry he made on DC's Web site.
2008: His computer monitor strangely burned up while the Catholic Encyclopedia's "hell" essay was on the screen.
2009: Spurred a nation-wide Four Corners monument location debate with a story -- the "Geographic shot heard round the world," according to a Denver TV station.
2010: His Canada travel story showcased his and daughter, Elizabeth's photos, which were also used as "markers" to paint national park scenes in the new Calgary LDS Temple.
-Also, helped inspire a resurrection of swimming races in the Great Salt Lake, based on some historical articles he wrote.


  1. Lynn...I can't comprehend the decisions behind this but I know you and your stories and your level of experience and so much more...will be missed. Good luck to you, in everything. And keep hiking.

  2. Lynn,

    Thanks for posting this. It's incredible to look back it all you've done. You've had an awesome career, and I've enjoyed working with you.

    Good luck in your future endeavors.

    Up, up and away,