Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Menace of Loose Pets ....

I can't keep my cars clean for long. A loose cat regularly crawls all over them with its muddy paws.
Why is this cat ever loose? It has been declawed and could not defend itself in a fight. It should never be outdoors, but the neighbors let it roam.
In addition, it messes all over the flower gardens in my yard.
Loose dogs are another concern. I was attacked by two dogs and bitten by one of them in late 2009 while going for an evening jog.
(I didn't sue, but if I ever get attacked by a dog again, I might as an example of the possible consequences.)
I carry pepper spray and or a stick ever since, because as an animal control officer stated, "It's sad when it is not even safe to go around your own neighborhood."
But my son and daughter-in-law took my dog for a walk on Jan. 27, 2011 around the neighborhood.
Another big dog was loose and got into a fight with my dog. The blood on my dog might have been from the other dog, but this dog obviously should never been loose as it has viscous inclinations. It is also a concern in my book for any children playing nearby.
Sadly, now my son and daughter-in-law know first-hand now that they have to carry pepper spray too.
Still, you don't need a gun to shoot a loose dog or cat. Pepper spray will do fine.
UPDATE: I had another encounter with a loose dog. I wanted a stick to keep him at arm's length, as I wasn't sure if he was going to bite me. So, carrying a stick might be a good idea too, as too many people have loose dogs and think there's no problem with doing that.
But don't spend any extra money for a special anti-dog attack stick. Here's what I did-- I found an old umbrella and salvaged the main metal rod out of it. I was lucky and there a plastic piece on the end of it, meaning it is not sharp and the handle remained intact too. Like a telescope it folds up to more than half-size, is lightweight and strong.

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