Friday, March 4, 2011

Lazy Dog Owners

As I've escalated my walking time around my greater neighborhood, I have one or more encounters with loose dogs on each walk.
What I notice is how lazy some dog owners are. Example: on March 4, I spot a loose, 50-plus pound dog up the road in front of me. I switch myself and I dog to the opposite side of the street, excepting a confrontation.
However, As I get within a house of the dog, he is called inside the front door of a house.
Obviously, this owner feels the right to let their dog loose in the neighborhood, whenever it needs to use the bathroom. Their front yard was not fenced, but their backyard was. Why do they let their dog out the front door? Only laziness of some sort makes any sense to me. Logically, I would never let my dog loose out the front yard -- the hazard to others and my dog would be apparent.
This person needs to fence their front yard, if that's where they want to let their dog loose.
Also, I still easily spot too many houses with 3 or more dogs there; I smell some yards where the dog's waste has not been picked up all winter; and I feel so sad for some dogs I see who likely never get to go for a walk or receive any real attention.
-One thing is clear to me: The next time my dog is attacked by a loose dog, or I am bit again, I am going to consult an attorney. An example needs to be made for these irresponsible dog owners.

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