Sunday, April 24, 2011

Make Easter a Fixed Date

In what appears to be an illogical case of holding onto an old tradition means each year Easter bounces around the calendar.
I'd vote for some Christian leader, the Pope or whomever, to take the lead and give Easter a firm date on the calendar each year.
As it is, Easter can vary from late March to late April and that practice is simply confusing.
The current observance is tied to the full moon, presumably, so party goers in olden times could see better late into the night. This makes no sense whatsoever today and is just a confusing practice that is now more than a century beyond its usefulness.
Making Easter a solid date, like say the first Sunday in April, would be wise.
No serious scholar believes Jesus Christ was born on Dec. 25, but having a firm date for this Christian observance is fine.
The date of Christmas also proves the actual date isn't holy, just the observance itself.
The Greek Orthodox Church would also have to get into line with accepting a firm date, because as it is, this faith celebrates Easter a week apart from the rest of the Christian world.

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