Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Double Dog Danger!

Five times now in the past 21 months, I've encountered pairs of large dogs running loose in my neighborhood, in west Layton.
All 5 have involved attacks on myself and/or my dog.
Sadly, no one else was ever in sight when these attacks took place and one resulted in a serious bite on my shin.
Only one of the five pairs of dogs was a repeat.
What most people don't understand is that often two dogs together operate as a pack and do things, like attacks, that they may not do individually.
After the first attack, which also resulted in the bite, I carry a retractable stick and pepper spray whenever I walk or jog around my area now.
Sadly, I have to.
Add to the five attacks also an incident when a solo dog attacked my dog when my oldest son took him for a walk and you can see how unsafe my area has become.
There's no question I will consult an attorney and likely sue the owner of a dog should I ever be bitten again.
ALL these dogs were far away from their property. They were simply roaming and looking for trouble.
A lawsuit is probably all the owners of such irresponsible dogs will likely understand.
It's odd that I live in an area for nearly 28 years and have no problems until 21 months ago. .... But I think it is because the new generation can't just have 1 dog, they have to have two canines and they lack the proper fence or enclosure for such animals.
Pit bulls and similar dogs, who have incredibly strong jaws, are also much more popular now.
I may also have to start carrying my camera when I go out in my area now. Getting a photo of such loose dogs could be very incriminating for the owners.

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