Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ras's Auto -- Integrity and Expertise

They just don't make auto repair places like Ras's in Layton, Utah anymore.
I've been going there for almost 25 years and the place is truly about honesty and fixing things right.
Yes, this is a testimonial (but unpaid and unsolicited) and if you aren't using an auto repair outlet like this, then, well, you are probably being shortchanged.
Ras's (1375 North Main Street, Layton, UT 84041, 801-544-8263) is how auto repair used to be. The owner himself works right in the shop. His wife, Patty, oftens runs the front desk.
Ras's only fixes what is broken and they do it right the first time.
The key problem with most auto repair places these days is that the mechanics operate by commission. Thus, they tend to find things that may not really need fixing or replaced. They may not usually be unethical, but such commissioned mechanics often look out for their paycheck more than for their customers' interests.
Not so at Ras's. Mechanics there are paid by the hour.
I believe I have never been overcharged for anything at Ras's. In fact, at times, I've wondered how they can charge so little for repairs. They always beat the dealer's repair list prices by a lot.
There are a few other old-style auto repair places out there, like Ras's, if you look hard enough. (Hepworth Automotive Service; 251 W 12th Street in Ogden, Ut., is another honest and superb place to go.)
So, avoid the national, chain store repair places if possible and use coupons for restaurants and grocery stores, but never for auto repairs ... if you do, they will find numerous extra things wrong with your vehicle.
You don't always get what you pay for in auto repairs, but Ras's and small shops like it, are a breath of fresh air, where you do receive great service at a fair price.

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