Wednesday, November 16, 2011

State Farm is Still the Best Value Auto Insurance

I'm tired of all those Progressive Auto Insurance or Geico Insurance TV ads.
Auto Insurance is more than just about price -- it is also about repair or replacement coverage and my experience has shown that no one can beat State Farm Insurance there.
Sure, you might save a few dollars with another insurance company, but when sadly you eventually need to file a claim, no one will beat State Farm -- period.
My van was broken into at Seattle a few years ago and State Farm covered more of the loss and damage than I could believe. Checking with other insurance companies, no one was even in the same league.
That robbery was a "worst case" scenario, as my van was loaded with a week's worth of stuff for six people on a U.S./Canadian trip. We had stopped in Seattle for the Space Needle and were robbed at 2:30 p.m., parked only some 100 yards from the Space Needle itself.
(As a side note, realize that auto burglary is Seattle's most popular crime and many downtown parking lots have no live attendants, no video cameras and not even any warning signs.)
Several fender benders before that Seattle incident had also proved the same thing, State Farm is simply No. 1.
Now as far as home insurance goes, I don't have enough experience to know how State Farm fares, but you do receive a discount by bundling home and car insurance with State Farm together.
However, I'm NOT a fan of State Farm for life insurance. I believe that is something State Farm fares very poorly at, based on my personal experience.
In fact, a life policy I took out from State Farm in the late 1980s was one of the worst financial decisions I have ever made.

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