Thursday, May 16, 2013

'Zombies' are already here -- Thanks to 'wireless craft'

You may think it is ONLY sci-fi where Zombies exist, but I say they are already here!
Walk around just about any public place and you will see people (the real-life "Zombies") who are so fixated on their mobile devices -- that they almost run into you; they block aisles; they ignore their screaming children; they still try to check out at a store doing 2 conversations at once, etc.
They may have Blue Tooth devices in both ears.
Other people are almost invisible to these people, who are more often women than men.
These aren't people who are just fixated on their mobile devices, they have an unhealthy fanaticism on them.
Through Google, a popular definition of zombie is:

"A soul-less corpse said to be revived by witchcraft."

That's the sci-fi definition.

-Here's my real-life definition: "A zombie is a person who 

becomes soul-less when they activate a mobile device and 

become controlled by the powers of wireless craft."

Husbands and wives now appear to be on equal ground in 

the art of conversation. Husbands often don't fully listen to 

what their wives say, but put a mobile device in a wife's hand 

and she'll try to do two things at once, not fully listening to 

what her husband says either.

These "zombies" are also on the roads and cause crashes or 

accidents, being controlled by the wireless craft.

How will we ever eradicate these zombies?

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