Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Physical ailments: Epidemic coming

OK, I believe an epidemic is coming in regard to certain widespread physical ailments.
Consider the following:
1. All this use of laptops, smartphones and mobile devices will take a toll on user fingers and hands. Look for much more carpal tunnel and related problems in the future.
There's no way using a FLAT keyboard and texting on a small phone pad isn't going to cause joint or tendon problems in the future.

2. Hearing problems. Too many teens and young adults push earbuds deep into their ears and then turn up the volume. Some of the music can be heard by others nearby, a definite sign that ear hairs -- not replaceable -- are being destroyed.

3. Running on cement. Too many novices think it is OK to run on cement. They think their vaunted, new fangled running shoe will protect them. 
No! Studies have shown that running on cement produces three times the soreness and injuries as any other surface does. Shinsplints would be the first sign of damage. Long term problems from cement running could be chronic foot problems and knee damage.
(I sometimes try to advise runners I pass near not to run on cement, but 99 percent of the time they have earbuds in and can't hear anything I say anyway.)
-Also, too many girls and women wear flip flop type shoes -- flat, with no support for the feet. Over time, that trend too will cause physical problems.

-So, maybe someone needs to be ahead of the curve and open a clinic that handles the above physical problems -- they may have lots of business soon.

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