Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why many Americans seem short of money

Why are some Americans short of money these days?
A couple of reasons stem from bills relating to high tech devices that didn't exist decades ago.
1. For example, cable television (or satellite TV) service and Internet bills can easily add $150 or more a month to household bills. These bills didn't exist, at least high amounts until recent years.
2. Cell phone bills, data plans and mobile devices. These can easily add another $150 or more a month to household bills.

So, that's $300 or more that households never used to be paying out of their net earnings.

Plus, factor in the initial costs for computers, HD TVs and mobile devices and there you have thousands of extra dollars a year in buying things that didn't exist for the previous generation.

In addition, too many Americans eat out often when they really can't afford to.

No wonder some Americans are struggling and others are way in debt.

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