Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Huge shortfall in rain gutter engineering

OK, I've previously mentioned my frustration with residential furnaces not having doors with hinges on them so that they can be cleaned much easier ....
NOW, I'm telling rain gutter manufacturers that some of their products also have similar engineering problems.
Some of my rain gutters are an open "ditch/track" kind of product. Very easy to clean.
However, my carport and patio rain gutters are part of my extended space covers and they have a very closed "track/ditch."
Still, dirt, leaves and such can and does get into this gutter track and clog it up. Why didn't the manufacturers consider future cleaning as part of their product?  They obviously didn't.
You can't get your hand inside to clean it out and even high pressure water sprayers won't totally clean it out either.
A few hundred extra dollars would have been worth having hinges or something on these gutters, so you could get in and clean them easily.
As it is, I have to use some kitchen tongs to reach in every 6 inches of the gaps in a 40-foot-long patio cover to clean leaves and dirt out. Very tiring and very boring work. Tongs are the only thing I've found that works in a clean out.

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