Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Windfall for grocery stores -- Double scans of the same item?

IT is definitely buyer beware at grocery stores and I'm suspecting one of the windfalls for grocery stores these days is the accidental double scan of the same item.
Not that an item is charged for twice on purpose -- it just happens -- and if the customer doesn't notice, then it is the store's bonus at your expense.

Although it is sometimes very difficult to do, customers need to watch the price view screen for ALL the items they buy.
If not, scan your receipt for possible double scans BEFORE you leave the area of your checkout register.

I suppose even watching at self-checkouts for the same possible mistake is a wise idea too.

My wife had two double scans within a month at the same grocery store. She didn't catch the first until she got home and looked closely at her receipt. For the second double scan, the checker at the register caught it and fixed it.

BOTTOM LINE: I really doubt some items for purchase never get scanned at all, but some once in a while will somehow be scanned twice. I'd bet the busier the store and the more a customer is in a hurry, the more likely it is to go unnoticed.

AND, sometimes too, items fail to scan at all, giving customers a free item, but the double scans seems far more likely.

UPDATE: May 2017 -- I used a self-checkout line at Wal-Mart and the scanner was extremely slow. I was getting frustrated. After finishing, I quickly left the store, but did scan my receipt before getting in the car. I noticed a double scan of my mouthwash. I went back into the store and expected a debate at customer service, but they said such double scans happen all the time, but most people don't notice them. I got my money back for the double charge. 

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