Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Contradiction that is a Job Interview

I'VE seen this happen time and time again over the decades ----- People landing jobs simply because they do well at job interviews.

All too many employers seem confused and seem to the think that just because someone does well at a job interview process, then they are the best one to hire for a job.

Hello! Unless you are hiring someone to actually do job interviews, that's the fallacy of all too many job interviews today.

I've never been that good at job interviews and in the past some of my references have had to ask my future employer -- "Do you want someone who can do the job you are hiring for well, or do you want someone who is good at sitting through job interviews?"

The two aren't always the same.

Some people have outgoing personalities and seem to always do well at job interviews, even if they aren't the best candidate for the job in actual fact.

So, I doubt employers are going to change their thinking and so prospective employees need to "play the game" well and get better schooled at how to pull off a great job interview.  Sadly, being able to do so is more important than just about anything else you can do in landing a job.

-Also, I've wondered if having the talent of being able to "suck up to," or brown-nose people is another factor of why some people get jobs when they are not qualified, or the best qualified.
EXAMPLE" In the past 6 years this woman I know has landed 2 jobs that she was not really that qualified for. Her greatest talent? Being able to suck up to anyone .....

-AND, while I'm talking job interviews --- anyone with excessive or obvious tattoos should note the downside in this: I was talking to a big company executive a while ago. Tattoos came up. He flat out said that if two candidates for job hiring were evenly matched and one had visible tattoos, it is no brainier which person he is going to hire. I doubt he is alone in that opinion.

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