Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where's the Lost Rhoads Mine?

The Rhoads Mine is more than a Utah pioneer legend or fanciful story.
I believe it truly exists.
But, like Bigfoot, the Three Nephites, or the Lost Ten Tribes, it might be next to impossible to find.
If you are not up to speed on what the mine is, click on the link below, as it accesses a site that reprints one of the best single articles ever written on the Rhoads mine, a story by one of my friends and past colleagues, Twila Van Leer.
Most people up to speed on the Rhoads Mine seem to believe it exists somewhere in the Uinta Mountains.
I'm now leaning to a different location, further south.
I'm suspecting it may reside within the Uintah and Ouray Reservation.
The place is off limits to just about anyone, except some Native Americans.
It is rugged territory and seems the perfect place to hide such a feature.
With the Book Cliffs and the Green River on its western boundary, it is a secretive and forbidding place.
There have been some reported Bigfoot sightings inside the reservation too, but none can enter to check them out either.
I've had imaginative dreams of finding the Rhoads Mine in the High Uintas, but my dreams need to change to this reservation, because if you go by odds that's where I'm betting  it is.
Many states have legends of Spanish gold, or mines. However, in Utah's case,the gold for the Angel Moroni on the Salt Lake Temple came from somewhere and that's the Rhoads Mine.
-And, there may be 8 or more total lost gold mines in the Uintas, or the surrounding area!

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