Thursday, July 11, 2013

Keep young children out of the theater for non-kid movies!

I went to see "Man of Steel" with my son a few years ago. First, I joked about whether or not they would still run the movie, if we -- the only ones  there -- more people finally arrived.
 Then, I told my son about how during my first time at "Man of Steel," someone's 4-year-old kid in the audience tainted my experience. Then, exactly as the movie began, guess what happens ... a mother with 5 young  kids (2 of them age 5 or under) walks in and sits right in front of us! (We are the ONLY people in the theater.)
The two younger kids aren't interested in the movie after 5 minutes and the mother has to keep taking taking them out and then returns. Finally, she doesn't return about half-way through the movie.
What a waste for her and a disruption for the audience ...

 Theaters have now cracked down on texters and mobile device use during movies.
Now they need to go after  families who bring young kids who are clearly too young for such dark, violent and complicated  movies.
Get a babysitter people!!!!
This is as much about courtesy, as it is about protecting young children, who should not even be exposed to such dark movies period at that age.
If they have a special showing of a kid-friendly movie, fine, let the kids dominate the theater, but not for a "Man of Steel" type of movie, that is simply NOT suitable for young children!

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